DDR Books is a small retail book company founded by Donus D. Roberts who decided that DDR Books was the best company name he could devise. All of his life, Donus (the Roman for the Greek, Adonis) read and accumulated books. In the early 1980’s he decided to collect a few authors in first edition. In the early 1990’s he decided to work toward his own internet bookstore, which came to pass in 2001. Most of the books for sale are published in the last 100 years, a circumstance of cost and living in South Dakota where used books are not frequently available. Books are very important in the Roberts’ family. Donus is a retired high school English teacher, as is his wife, and his daughter is a teacher and aspiring author. As a family, we are committed to quality books, quality in both content and condition.

DDR is also a collector, so he is tries hard to describe the condition of books accurately.  We pack all books carefully and ship them in boxes.  Our goal is for you to return to our website periodically for years to come.

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